What You'll Get in UI/UX Design at ATX Tech

What You’ll Get

  • 1,000+ hours of skills training that lead to in-demand jobs.

  • Instruction and mentorship from industry leaders and experienced developers.

  • Free access to other tech skills training and updated curriculum as the tech industry evolves.

  • Title IV funding available through partnerships with accredited colleges and universities.

  • Up to 17 hours of transferable college credit.

  • Faith-based values, taught by Bethel leaders Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Danny Silk and Dann Farrelly, that help build high emotional intelligence.

  • Dedicated career services that prepare you for high-paying, high-growth jobs.

Where You'll Grow in UI/UX Design at ATX Tech

Where You’ll Grow

  • Stretch yourself to “foot-in-the-door” ready for a tech job in less than a year, regardless of previous tech background.

  • Average salary uplift of 50% (Course Report).

  • Learn to think like a true technologist, prioritizing context over content.

  • Work in a collaborative team environment to identify problems and develop solutions.

  • Grow your personal walk with God and further discover your identity in Christ.

  • Exemplify excellence in the workplace with high skill and high character.

  • Develop in-demand soft skills in areas such as: trust, accountability, empathy and conflict resolution.

The Course


Design Thinking and Structures

Basics of design principles, user empathy, and testing product hypothesis.


Front-End Foundations

Advanced concepts of CSS and JavaScript.


Programming Foundations

Basic programming concepts with choice of JavaScript, C#, or Java.


Front-End Frameworks

Front-end frameworks and Single Page Web Applications (SPA) with Angular or React.


Back-End Foundations

Concepts of server-side software development, relational and non-relational databases, webservers, and software platforms in Express, ASP.NET, or Spring.


Database Foundations

Database concepts, theory, and an overview of various implementations and architectures.


Mobile Apps & Responsive Design

Mobile applications (iOS/Android), Angular and Cordova, and Responsive Design.


Agile Project Management & Career Skills

Principles of managing software projects and teams, interview techniques, and career search skills.


Deployment & Web Security

Building and deploying applications to cloud hosting providers and key concepts of web security.


Project Capstone

Develop a Full Stack application as an Agile Project Team.


Bethel Kingdom Core Foundations

Identity, Intimacy, Supernatural Living, Kingdom Culture, Relationships, Bible, Leadership, and Honor.